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2nd Canadian Army Veterans 

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About Us


Our Motorcycle Unit 2018-2019

Executive 2019-2020

President: Andy “Beast” Arseneau

Vice President: Stephen “Viking” Vinquist

Assistant Vice President:  Troy Gladstone

Road Captain: Bruce "EZ" MacLeod

Sergeant At Arms: Brian "Pipes" McKinney

Assistant Road Captain:  Billy "Giddyup" Coutur

Treasurer:  Gregg "Bagman" Ross

Secretary/Communications:  Bruce "EZ" MacLeod

Dunkirk Unit

Dunkirk is a C.A.V. Unit based in Moncton, NB. We are a diverse group that includes both riders and non-riders alike; brothers and sisters from various backgrounds, and walks of life, who have come together to support each other, and those around us. We are truly a 'Family' that exemplifies 'Strength And Honour' 

The C.A.V. motto; 'Ride and Have Fun, While Helping Others'!

Dunkirk is one of the biggest, if not the biggest C.A.V. (Canadian Army Veteran) Unit across the country. Upwards of 50+ members strong, we are a diverse group, with almost a 50/50 mix of Veterans and Supporters. We are very community oriented and our members can be seen throughout Greater Moncton, and surrounding areas, in black leather vests and red shirts, with or without motorcycles, supporting community events, year round! For detailed information about the community events we support, please visit our Supported Causes page.

Whenever you see an individual or group of motorcycle riders with a  crest on their backs, please don't let the beards and leathers some of us wear intimidate you! We are a friendly bunch and quite approachable. Our members are happy to chat with you, or just lend an ear, if that is what you prefer.


Where We Ride

  • We are located in Moncton, New Brunswick.....our rides take us to various places in the provinces of NB, NS, PEI and some U.S. border states.


Why We Do It

Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit in Moncton motorcycles

Coming together as Veterans and Supporters alike with the common purpose of bringing about awareness of Veteran issues and various charities that support these needs.

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2nd CAV Dunkirk Moncton

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